Monday, August 29, 2011

Visit with Mawmaw and Grandpa Ken

I always love our visits with my grandparents. I have sweet memories of my childhood visits with them, and I'm so glad that my children get to experience their love and fun as well. I know these moments are fleeting. At the end of every visit, I think, "Why didn't we do this sooner?" and, "We will not wait so long for our next visit." But, alas, living so far away and dealing with church schedules, therapy schedules, and just everyday life, it always feels too long between visits. We do our best, and I love that Caleb knows and loves his great-grandparents very much. James is also getting to know them. And I get to know my grandparents in a new role. I love it! They're even more "grandparenty" with my kids than they were with me! We are truly blessed.
Caleb finally overcame his fear of the scooter

My boys

Mawmaw and Grandpa Ken

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