Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby James

Baby  James.

It's a term I've been trying not to use lately, despite Caleb's recent nickname of just "Baby."

You have been my baby this year, my sweet little boy who stayed a baby longer than most. I have enjoyed all the extra cuddles and snuggles. And I'm so happy to see you starting on your independent way. You sit so well, and watch us so closely. I can't wait to see you crawl, and find where you go and what interests you most. I have a feeling you will make a beeline for the cats, and follow your brother whenever and wherever possible! "Baby" James you will no longer be!

I am so proud of you. You make me happy in so many ways. I love your sweet smile.
James and Aunt Leanna
 I love your silly grin!

Calvin, James, Caleb

I love that you're pretty okay with most any situation, willing to be held by people you may not have seen in awhile.
James and Grandpa Ken

I love that you smell like a dozen ladies at the end of church on Sundays, because you are just so holdable! And I love how ticklish you are, and quick to laugh.

So what are you doing at the big One Year mark? Well, let's see....

You're sitting up like a champ. You really want to crawl, but can't seem to get your back end to work with your front end just yet! You have two teeth, with a third coming in. You eat baby food, with your favorites probably being applesauce and peas, though you're really not picky. You don't have any words, yet, but you use lots of syllables and LOVE to talk! "Mamama, dadada, bababa, gagaga," and more. You are going to be a talker, I can tell! Other milestones are smaller, and I know them only because of our therapy sessions. Who knew that holding three blocks at once would be an accomplishment, but it is, and you've done it!

You love to play with your brother. You watch him devotedly, and Caleb enjoys the devotion! He showers you with hugs, kisses, and tickles. You also love your Daddy, and I think you just might be a Daddy's boy. He can calm you down and settle you to sleep better than anyone else. Your favorite toy is your exersaucer, where you can jump and play to your heart's content. You are still taking two naps a day, but I have a feeling that's going to change soon. As a second-born, you're bound to the schedule of others, and you take things in stride even when you don't always get your naps and bottles at the normal times.

You've started many therapies just this week, and the new therapists already love you and your sweet countenance. They're proud of how much you've already accomplished, and are confident in your abilities.

You are stubborn when you want to be, and that is why I know you will accomplish all that you desire in life. Your stubbornness...and the fact that people are praying for you! Your family, friends, and even those who haven't met you. Even Kris, the cashier at Wal-Mart, prayed for you when you were so small. She didn't know you, but now she likes to find you and say hi when we are in the store.

James, you have made further strides than most when it comes to opening the hearts of others. You are a blessing, and I am so thankful for you! I love you! Happy birthday, sweet boy.


  1. Oh my gosh. I can't believe he's a year old already. Your post above makes me sad that I've missed so much! He's precious boy and I'm so glad God chose you and Jon to be his parents.

  2. What a sweetie! I can't believe he is one! Thanks for sharing! I loved the pictures!

  3. A year? Already? Count me among those who have only met Mr. James in person once but could tell from that one meeting (and knowing his lovely mommy) that he's one super special guy and I pray for him and his family often. I'm so excited to see what Our Father, who has lots of plans for us that we don't always fully understand, has planned for you!

  4. What a sweet birthday post, Lydia. James is a sweetheart and I love hearing your perspective on his personality. Happy Birthday, young man. May your day, as well as the coming year, be blessed.

  5. Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby James! You'll always be the baby..until another comes along! ;)
    As O can attest to, great things are ahead of you in your second year! Can't wait to hug your 1-yr-old-self soon!

  6. Lydia,
    I am a friend of your mothers. I have prayed for James and your family since his birth. What a beautiful boy that has had a beautiful first year. I know that your family is so proud of the good work that God is continuing to finish in James. He is a precious Blessing!

  7. Words cannot express how ADORABLE he is! I just want to eat him up! Sweet post for a sweet boy. Happy birthday, James!

  8. Dear James - We have never met but we ARE family and I do keep up with what is going on in your life. You
    have made great strides in your first year. I know you had a great birthday because you have the gift of a great mom, dad, brother, grandparents great grandparents as well as aunts, uncles and cousins. I know God placed you in very capable hands. I know you
    will have a good life ahead of you.

    Cousin Betty Ruth and Family

  9. What precious expressions he has!!! That one where he is sitting with his cousins is hilarious! Can't wait to meet you James! Emily sends a hug!


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