Friday, February 01, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

My in-laws have lived in their home for several years, and yet we have somehow never had a family holiday there! We had to adjust a little--our party of four got to stay in a nearby house, but we really enjoyed being all together. It's always fun when the Norvell men get together, and we "add-ons"--the Norvell women--well, we have a lot of fun, too!
James cheering for the iPad.
Playing outside at a neighbor's house

The diner is open for business!

Caleb pulls the whole mound of flowers, roots and all

Nana helps Caleb make rainbow cupcakes for his birthday

Nana and Granddad with all the grandsons

James is an accessory guy.

The cupcakes are baked! Now time for icing and sprinkles!

Story time with Granddad

Caleb being silly

Granddad loves his boys

...ALL of them!

Nana with Caleb and James

Throw Calvin in there and see if we can get the shot!

Father-son time

It's party-time!

Caleb opens his super hero cape!

And a bow and arrow set...just what he wanted

Ooh, a nerf gun from Uncle Dave and fam

Uncle Dave (our police officer) explains gun safety

The masked avenger!

Our family photo

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