Saturday, August 17, 2013

Boy Builders

I love watching the boys build. Here is one of Caleb's many buildings:

Does anyone notice anything about it? As's perfectly symmetrical?!

He does this with EVERY building he makes these days. Every color and block shape exactly mirrored. Have your kids gone through a symmetrical phase? Since he's our first, we really don't have anything but him to go by (which is why we think he's pretty awesome).

I've thought this boy had good sense of design...and symmetry is very good design. Maybe he'll be an architect. Or maybe he'll be an ice cream truck driver, which is his current idea. That and a pirate king.

James has finally gotten past the "knock it down" least long enough to build it first! If he's not building up, he's placing blocks in a long line like a train. I've recently found cars lined up, dinosaurs in a row, a magnet queue on the fridge...evidently both my boys love order!

The face of concentration

It's always a good time to say, "Cheese!"

Working hard

Surveying his work...
CRASH! The best part is still knocking it down!

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  1. Love this post. Caleb is advancing really quickly in his ideas of how things should look, both on paper and in construction. And James has advanced a LOT in how he builds tall buildings now. So good to see them hard at work, er, play!


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