Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Caleb Sings a Song

The unit we've been working on lately has been about leaves. In the beginning, we took a leaf off of a plant that we keep on our patio, and we have been watching that leaf in relation to the other leaves still on the plant. We have talked about how leaves work, and how plants in general are vital for our own living (converting carbon dioxide into oxygen). Besides the academics of leaves, we've been learning that "we live and grow in Jesus." Caleb has learned a really cute song that I promised him I would share with the world, so here it is. He's in his PJs, as most of our school is done before breakfast, and we had just finished examining our plant and our leaf (which has not fared very well by itself over the last week!).


  1. Precious! I am so glad you are sharing truth with Caleb and training him to love Jesus and His Word.

  2. 'Way better than Miley Cyrus. In fact, she ought to learn this song.


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