Thursday, May 01, 2008

Eleven weeks already!

This week has flown by (as evidenced by my lack of posting). It's been busy at work, busy at home trying to get a photography business up and running, and I've been exhausted.

I haven't noticed much change in myself this week, though Newbie has grown another quarter inch. I'd given up Pilates to pursue extra sleep this past week, but today I started back to Pilates. I'm hoping it will help give me energy.

I haven't had any cravings--of course, I've always been easily influenced by suggestion, so maybe I'm just used to ignoring the random things that come into my mind. For example, this morning I had the front door open, and I could swear I smelled Ramen noodles. For a brief moment, I considered having Ramen for breakfast, but like I said, that is completely normal in my life, and easily ignored. I had cereal.

I've been trying to eat well, getting milk and orange juice and trying to have vegetables and fiber every day. There are definitely times when I don't eat well, but I think I'm eating healthier than before we got pregnant. I've always preferred salty over sweet, and I'm still eating salty foods...I figure at some point I should cut them out, but pickles and pretzels and salsa....those are hard to give up!

So that's this week's update. Next week we'll have made it to the end of the first trimester! And then (drum roll please....) I tell work! And that, my friends, will be your ticket to tell the world, blast it out on your blogs, and generally make a public fuss about the fact that you are soon to be an aunt (yeah, I know who's waiting on the edge of the keyboard!).


  1. It sounds like you're doing a great job with your eating skills and I'm excited that you've had a healthy (almost) 1st tri! Your one cute mama!

  2. I am I am I am! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting, but patiently I may add.
    When is your next doc appt?

  3. Next doc appt. is May 12, and, I have to give you bad news. My boss isn't even in the office tomorrow, so I can't tell him! So you're going to have to wait a little longer! This is better, anyway, so I'll have been to the dr. one more time and will know everything is okay before telling work.


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