Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fourteen weeks and falling apart!

I seemed to have missed officially reporting on week 13. Well, I guess we'll just say it was uneventful.

Week 14, however, has had its share of events. I seem to be falling apart! Apparently, during my pregnancy, my ligaments and joints will start to loosen. This is to prepare for the Great Trip that Newbie will take. All the books warn of trouble during exercising, etc, because of these loose ligaments. I figured that would happen around, oh...week 36 or so. You know, just in time for Newbie to come. However, that seems to not be the case.

I was at DFW airport, grabbing my bags to board for Boston, when I jammed my finger. I have no idea how--I did nothing more than open and close my hand--but my finger felt like it had been jammed. I had severe pain for a few minutes, then it subsided to an ache for a day or so, and then it was gone.

My foot also started hurting. This actually started the weekend before when we were visiting my parents. It went away during the week (because I don't walk much), but the miles of walking I did every day in Boston, and the weight of conference paraphernalia took its toll. I'm sure pregnancy was only one factor in my foot problems.

My feet have also been going to sleep much easier. Just by crossing my legs (which is the way I always sit), I feel that tingling sensation only a few minutes later. No more leg-crossing for me, I suppose.

I've been trying to sleep with a body pillow, to keep me on my left side (which is recommended) and to help my hip alignment or something. It's working okay, but it's literally like having another body in the bed. Pregnant people need King-sized beds for all the pregnancy junk.

Oh, and Jon and I officially made the switch so I'd be on the side of the bed that's closer to the bathroom! So far, I only wake up once in the night, and even then not every night, but I hear it only gets worse, so we might as well get used to it.

Newbie's about 3 1/2 inches long, and his big accomplishment this week is that he's starting to pee--a feat I'm sure we'll witness often in his future. Maybe there's a proportional connection to the baby's peeing and mom's need to pee. Hm...interesting.

Well, that's the update! Until next time!


  1. So sorry you're experiencing discomforts already, minor though they are. Focus on the positive!

    It's funny that Newbie pees and so does Mom...haha!

    For two people who don't like change very much, you and Jon are in for a unending roller coaster of change in parenthood. As you can see, it starts even before the baby arrives!

    hang in here! we love you!

  2. In re-reading my post, I realize it came out a lot more complain-y than I'd expected! Pregnancy is going great! Sure, none of the changes are really for the better...except the biggest change of a baby! But in the grand scheme of things, I'm very happy with my pregnancy experience so far.

  3. whiney-butt, we still love you...maybe your whine impulse is loosening as well! =)

  4. My favorite "clumsy" experience was when I reached for the door knob and just ended up whacking my hand on it. Got a bruise and everything! I was just trying something simple, like opening a door, geez!


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