Friday, May 16, 2008

Telling Work

On Wednesday, I got to tell everyone at work. Monday's sonogram had confirmed that we'd made it through the first trimester, and it was time to share the news! I wanted to tell my boss first, because it's only right. He was in a meeting, and I haunted his door until he made it back. He'd barely sat down when I popped in and closed the door. I handed him an envelope with the sonogram pics in it. He pulled them out then looked at me. "You?" he asked. "Yep!"

He was almost giddy. He reached across the desk and shook my hand. (There's a misconception around work that I'm not a hugger, but that's another story.) He said he felt like he was getting another grandchild, he was so proud. Later he wrote me a nice e-mail saying what a great mother I would be.

After that, my next stop was Jan, who has been my "work mom" since I got to Texas Life. I showed off my locket Jon had given me. I'd put a sonogram picture in it (I know, no one knows what it is except me, and that's okay), and I said, "Well, here's the real picture so you can see it better" and hander her the sonogram. She was so excited. She said, "I thought this morning, 'Lydia looks pregnant!' "

Well, we work in cubicles, so announcing to Jan meant that two other women knew in about 23 seconds. And that was how it started. After that, it wasn't long before most everyone knew. We're a company of about 120 people--30 who know me--and the Marketing Dept is good at spreading news, what can I say? Pretty soon people started showing up, saying, "I was told to come see you." I even got an e-mail from a girl who doesn't even work there anymore! It was so great.

I'm the youngest in my department, so most everyone I told already has children, and it felt like they were welcoming me to their club. Like I'd entered a new stage, and they were all happy for me to be there with them. I guess the newlywed stage is so much shorter than the children stage; it must be harder to relate to.

And that was that! I think that's all the announcing I'll be doing. It's been so much fun to spread good news. We're so blessed to have family and friends to rejoice with us!


  1. That's great Lydia! I am so glad everyone was excited for you. It makes it so fun to have so many people around.
    Now we just need to find out if it's a him or her!!!!!

  2. That's so great. I'm glad you work with good folks! So, I want to hear the "not a hugger" story! =)

  3. First off, I love how you can blog this whole experience. For some reason I am not a journaler but I love to blog. I wish I would have had this tool when I was pregnant with Kelsie. Second, the active thing being a boy - not true with us. Our nurses swore that Kelsie was a boy. She was so active on the day we were suppose to find out what she was that they couldn't tell b/c she wouldn't be still. Everyone said that means a boy. Well, Kelsie is very girl - painted toenails and all. Are you guys planning to find out the sex of the baby? How exciting. I will stop rambling - I just know this was a really fun time in our lives! You guys will love the whole process. So glad we can keep up.


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