Thursday, February 19, 2009

Make 'Em Laugh

I think it's interesting how babies are born with a sense for the dramatic, but have no sense of humor. They come out of the womb wailing and crying. They tug at our heartstrings with big pouty lips and eyebrows raised in concern. Their eyes widen in surprise or fear. But it's not until we laugh that they start to learn what's funny.

Which is good, because I've convinced Caleb I'm quite hilarious.


  1. So very true! But I think the fact that we as parents have to work so hard to elicit those first giggles causes us to treasure them even more.

  2. And you will never tire of that precious giggle!

  3. They sometimes laugh at the most random things, though. Like Ian cackling at my hiccups. He also thinks the word, "tweet tweet" is funny when I say, "What does the bird say?" "Ruff," "Grrr," and "Moo" are not funny, but "Tweet" is for some reason.

  4. Oh, those little laughs never get old. I love to hear my kids laughing, especially when they're playing together and making each other laugh. Motherhood is awesome!


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