Saturday, February 14, 2009

This week's firsts

Caleb had his first bout of an eye infection this week. We think. It was all red with green stuff coming out, so I stayed home with him instead of going into the office this week. And we've been putting an antibiotic ointment in his eye, but it almost cleared up completely by the second day of the ointment, so I'm wondering if it was just allergies? I talked to a nurse, and she called in the ointment prescription based on my description, so it could have just been me being paranoid. Either way, his eye is better, and that's what matters!

Caleb also brought a ball to his mouth for the first time this week! I was pretty impressed, and he thought the texture of the ball was really neat on his tongue.

He also tried to laugh, I think. It came out sort of like a cough, and kind of surprised him, but he had been all smiley and wiggly, and I was laughing when it happened, so I'm pretty sure it was a laugh. I can't wait to hear it more!


  1. You're not too paranoid, if you didn't rush him over to the doctor immediately :) Cute video - he's getting so big!

  2. He's changed so much since the last time I saw him! I missed my weekly checkup on how Caleb is changing and all... hope he can come play this week!

  3. Awww...hi Caleb! He has changed so much! Can't wait to hang out with you guys again!


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