Thursday, February 12, 2009

To the park we go

For all you non-Texans out there, it's been a great January/February around here. Some days it's highs in the 80s, then it turns around to highs in the 30s and 40s the very next day. So it feels like winter, but with a little spring mixed in, which is just about the way winter should be!

These warm-weather days have come just in time for my work-off-the-baby-fat exercise regimen ("regimen" is used very loosely here...mostly it means "take a walk when the weather's nice"). I've made a goal to take Caleb outside any time it's over 60 degrees.

So Caleb and I have been to the park for a walk several times now! The second time there was a guy there practicing tight-rope walking on a rope tied between two trees. He was also juggling knives (not at the same time as walking on the rope). He wasn't that great at either skill, but hey, he was better than I will ever be! And it felt very "big city" to have a tight-rope walker at the park.

I'm not sure Caleb's a big fan, yet, but I know he will be.


  1. Such cute pictures... THanks for sharing them.

  2. Caleb looks like he's on a roller coaster ride with his arms up. Looks like that ride wore him out, though. The park is fun, and the weather is great. :-)


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