Friday, September 04, 2009

Feeding the ducks...and Caleb!

Caleb and I went to the park the other day to feed the ducks and geese. Caleb was very interested in the geese and their honking. He stared at them a long time. The ducks were not as interesting, or as interested in eating bread.

But we still had fun, and I got shots of Caleb's four teeth!

That's right! FOUR. He went from one to four in about a week. He's got his two top and two bottom teeth to match. And he's got two more coming in! I've tried to start giving him food with a little more substance to them: bits of chicken, ground beef, graham crackers, crunchy Gerber snacks, chopped up broccoli, cheese.... He seems to be doing well with it. He didn't seem to like banana bits, but those are kind of slippery and hard to handle, so maybe that's why.

We basically moved to complete table food on our trip to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's house. Great Grandma had such yummy (and healthy) food, that it was easy to give Caleb a few bites, and--just like I remember as a kid--he ate more at Grandma's than he's ever eaten at home! Everything just tastes better there!

Here are more pics from the trip to the park:



  1. He just gets cuter and cuter! Where did you go feed the ducks? You know that we live closer to you now...we should meet up sometime!

  2. @Tricia: That was at Candleridge, which I think is pretty near your new place. I'd love to meet up with you!

  3. for some reason, I love the button picture!!

  4. The button pic is my favorite, too! He's so engrossed in his find. And he looks so small and adorable.


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