Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Pulling up!

Caleb pulled up in his crib for the first time the other day. He'd pulled up on many things before--his daddy, the couch, the dining room chairs, the desk chairs--but never in his crib. He was in a particular fit of crying because he did not want to take a nap. Then I came in with a camera and called Jon in, and darn it all, that boy turned from tears to beaming smiles when he realized what a thing he'd accomplished amidst his tirade against naps.

He loves to be up, but hasn't started "cruising" quite yet. Cruising, I've learned, is when a baby can move around the room hanging on to stuff. Caleb still drops back down to crawl, then pulls back up at his new spot. Though today he did move from the chair to his play table, so maybe it's starting!

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  1. Good for "Mr. Caleb" ......... He is doing very well !!! Look at how tight he is holding on to the crib.... He is a fine boy; it won't be long until you are going to be chasing him around the Apt.
    How is the House Hunting going ......... don't get discouraged---- remember YOU TWO are in control--not the seller (after all he has to sell), not the real estate person (he probably has a hundred to sell), etc, etc......


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