Sunday, September 20, 2009

I've got my new shoes on....

With the rain and cooler weather this past week, it's felt just a little more like fall lately, and I've finally pulled out the shoes for my little boy. He hasn't consistently worn shoes since he was a newborn in winter. All summer he's been our barefoot Arkansas boy!

Here are some little Nikes from a friend. How impractical are these? But so cute!

Then today I pulled out some shoes I bought several months ago. These are soft-soled and more lightweight than the Nikes.
Caleb got his second haircut last night, and I think he looks so sweet in this picture. Makes my heart melt!

The other week Caleb was a little under the weather, so he contented himself with sitting on his tractor and sorting our recycling. Quit the job, that.

Today he has a fever again. We had gone to the dr. on Friday for his cough, but he didn't have a fever then, so he came home with a prescription for cough medicine and that's it.Not sure what is going on, but he doesn't seem too uncomfortable, so I'm not worried about it. Colds are going around lately (hooray, Fall), so it seems inevitable.

He's started saying "mama" and "dada" pretty consistently this week, and his fifth tooth came in! He tried Mexican food for the first time today--ate beans, rice, taco meat and queso! No complaints! He's our son indeed!

We brought out new toys for Caleb this week as well, and he's enjoying all the new activities--mostly things that encourage him to stand. I need to find a walking toy for him, though, because he's pushing his things around, and I think he would enjoy it. One of the activity tables has a telephone, and he's already mimicking me by putting it to his ear and talking! He loves when I talk into it and say, "Caleb, it's for you!"

He also handed me something for the first time this week. Babies usually hold things out: " treasure that I found." But don't try to take it from them. Not a good idea. However, last night during Caleb's bath, I was pouring water out over his hands. I eventually stopped and put the bucket back in the water. He picked the bucket up and handed it to me to keep playing! I don't know what you think about that, but that classifies him as a genius in my world. I'm sure you agree.

One more note: Caleb has been pure Mama's Boy lately, always wanting me at the end of the day when Daddy wants to give his son one last cuddle for the night. I've felt a little bad about it, though I know it's just a phase. Well, that phase may be coming to an end. Yesterday Caleb hit his head on the nightstand, and his first reaction was to cling to his Daddy! Jon tried to pull back to examine the wound (hardly noticeable, by the way), but Caleb would have none of it. "Hold me, Daddy!" Then Jon watched Caleb for several hours both Saturday and today, and he and Caleb had a grand time. I think it was good for both of them, and for me too!


  1. Oh, I love that he is such a big boy with his shoes! But at the same time...he's getting too big! Love his smile!

  2. You guys are great parents and of course that kid will be a genius. He will be an artistic, guitar playing, football playing, national merit scholar. I'm convinced.

  3. I agree with Dave. And Leanna. Love the big boy shoes! And his precious face!

  4. I love him on the tractor. So cute!!


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