Monday, October 12, 2009

Farmer's Market Fun

I distinctly remember the Saturday before Caleb was born. Jon and I slept in, and I thought to myself, "This is the last time in a long time that we will be able to do this." And finally--ten months later--we got to sleep in on Saturday! The night before, Caleb was at the babysitter's house while I was at a church function. I went to pick him up around 9:30pm; he was fast asleep and I ended up staying and chatting for quite awhile. I finally got him home and to bed by 11:30. The trip home had started to wake him up, so for expediency I went ahead and nursed him to get him back to sleep. I guess that late-night feeding did the trick, because Caleb didn't wake up until 9:00 the next morning!!

Sure, I was awake by 8:00, but that didn't keep me from staying put in bed until I heard a peep from the monitor. And sure, by 8:25 I had the monitor turned as high as it would go and pressed to my ear, because even ten months into it I sometimes still fear the worst, and I was listening for rustling, breathing, anything.... So I might not have been sleeping for that last hour, but it was still pretty great. I know it won't happen again for awhile, and I'm so glad we had an open day to enjoy it.

When we did all finally get up, it was a cool grey day, perfect for watching football and going to the farmer's market! We managed to fit both in, though the Baylor game was more than disappointing. So...the farmers market:

"I've got the keys, mom! Let's go!"

"Hm...nice pumpkins...but not as big as the one I have at home!"

"Please mom? Can I have this one?"

Testing for ripeness....

"What?? 25 bucks?! That's outrageous."

"Well, this one is more my size anyway, and the market lady said I could have it for free!"

"The stem is perfect for chewing."

Daddy and me.

"My new pumpkin..."

"...and my sweet new ride!"


  1. Yay! The boots got another wear in there, and perfect for the farmers market! In some pics, Caleb looks like a baby still and in others, you see that little boy coming through!

  2. I agree with Karen. I noticed the boots first! and she's right that sometimes he looks like a baby and others, a toddler. He's about to leave infancy behind! Love the photos, looks like a fun trip! Y'all are such good parents to provide experiences for him!

  3. I knew y'all would spot those John Deere boots in an instant! Yep, he's sported those to the farmers market and to church! He's quite the snazzy dresser.

  4. I still think it's funny, the poofy diapers give him the 'old man' paunch! Glad y'all had fun!

  5. @Lea:'re right.

  6. So cute! Looks like he had a blast!

  7. Ha... I did notice that he fills out his jeans well, but I forgot about those diapers!


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