Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ten Months

I love ten months! We've had so much happen! Let's see if I can think of it all....

Caleb has his sixth tooth now! So four on top and two on bottom. He's tried corn and cheerios. He did really well with the cheerios, so we're not going to be buying the Gerber Puffs any more--just too expensive! He's also had mac-n-cheese with tuna, and got a sip of my pink lemonade yesterday! I thought it would be too sour for him, but he didn't seem to mind!

He talks ALL the time. Really. ALL. the time. It's still just jibberish, but there are a few things I know. He definitely says "Dada" and means it. When he hears Jon unlocking the door or when he comes in the room, Caleb will say it. He's said "Mama" before, too, but definitely not as consistently. He says "Nanananana" when things aren't going so well. It's a sign that it's time for a change--usually a nap!

Caleb has started waking up pretty consistently at 7:30am, which I am loving! I have been doing much better getting to bed at a normal hour, so it's been easier for me to get up by 6:30 and be showered and ready for the day when Caleb gets up. So the schedule has been nice, and has really helped me feel more on top of things during the day. It also gives me a chance to do stuff on the computer, because Caleb loves to "help" when he's awake, usually by pressing any button he can reach. He's managed to changed settings on my computer that took me awhile to figure out how to fix!

Caleb is walking! Not by himself, of course, but is doing really well with us holding on to him. It's fun to see where he takes us. Holly had him walking just holding on to one hand at the garage sale last week, though he's definitely more stable when he's got a hold of two hands.

We have such a happy baby. Usually it take him awhile to warm up to situations. At places like Wal-Mart, he closes up because there are so many new things to take in. (People often tell me he looks like he's ready for a nap, but it's because he shuts down a little.) Well, on Monday he was all smiles during our Wal-Mart trip. Quite the flirt was he! So maybe we're slowly moving beyond this stage...and maybe his separation anxiety will lessen soon, as well!

We've brought out lots of new toys for Caleb to play with--toys that encourage lots of crawling and standing. It's been fun to see him play with them! It also makes our living room seem pretty messy most of the time! Oh, well. It all gets put away most evenings.

And he loves to read. His fascination with turning pages is becoming a fascination with what is actually on the page. He likes the "touch-n-feel" books with textures, and he'll put his thumb on eyes and mouths. It's neat to see his playtime progressing as he learns new things.

As I say every month, Caleb is not our little baby any more. Many people have noticed that he looks more like a little boy--a little Norvell boy, to be precise! We are so blessed!

Caleb at our garage sale: "I see a customer!"

Sophie and Caleb. Sophie and her mama just moved away, and we will miss them!!

Sophie, Caleb and Sophie's cousin


  1. Love the pictures and the story! Thanks for catching us up! I can't wait to see him next Saturday!!

  2. He looks so cute! I love baby gibberish talk. It seems like they are speaking their own language! :)


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