Friday, October 16, 2009

Recent firsts

Every day there are new firsts in Caleb's life. I guess that comes with the territory for a child his age. Some are not really the ones you want in the baby book, like the other day when Caleb farted and it was the first time I actually smelled it. Others are sweeter, like my first kiss from Caleb (Sept. 29). Some are subtle, like the repetition that Caleb has begun: I drop something, he picks it up and puts it back in my hand, and we repeat. Tonight I might have even heard his version of "uh oh!" when the ball dropped, but I'm not really sure about that.

It's so neat to watch Caleb; people ask me what I do all day, and I really do stare at Caleb for quite a bit of the day. He's so fascinating! He's trying to figure out the way the world works, and that's really fun to watch. He has a toy that has a ball he drops into the top and it rolls down the spiral and out the spout at the bottom. He loves it, and recently I have found many toys in the spout--other balls, a telephone, and even his baby pumpkin have made their way into it.

Here is a first, walking holding on to my hands. It actually happened Sept. 28--I know, a bit back, but I'm hoping to catch up on a few videos and I have to start somewhere!


  1. I like his Baylor Bears onsie!

  2. Watch out... for us, it was pretty much a month from the time Ian started walking with our hands to his becoming a full fledged walker. And the fascination doesn't end... they just keep learning and growing and changing right before your eyes! Caleb, my sweet, I can't wait to see you next week! A kiss for Auntie Karen?

  3. Oh... and on the fart thing... just wait until HE can smell it and makes a face OR he thinks the noise is funny.

  4. So cute! I love the video!


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