Thursday, December 17, 2009

Roomie Reunion, Cousin-Style

When I still worked, Caleb got to spend one day a week with his cousin. It was good bonding time for the boys, but Caleb was so tiny, and Ian so active, that it wasn't until the end (when Caleb could sit up) that they really started interacting with each other. So it was so much fun for Caleb and Ian to spend some quality time together during Roomie Reunion 2009.

First, there was the puppy that visited us. Ian absolutely fell in love with him, and who wouldn't? Look at him!

We were all pretty smitten, and tried several times to take him to a shelter, but each time he disappeared. I guess he liked his life of freedom.

Then there was bathtime fun. The boys got on a roll with the splashing! The mamas had to protect themselves with a towel!

Caleb is now big enough to really enjoy playtime with Ian, though Ian still got the best of him sometimes.

Caleb didn't seem to mind.


  1. I love these pictures! So fun!

  2. The "M" or "W" whichever one it is was strategically placed in that last photo. :-) Ian dumped water on Caleb again the other night in the tub. And we had a case of the "mines" going on, too. Thankfully we had TWO turtles and TWO balls so we could explain sharing somewhat.


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