Monday, December 21, 2009

State Fair of Texas

Jon and I have been married for seven years, and we have gone to the State Fair of Texas six of those seven years, so far as we can remember. Every year we go with a different couple or group. Last year I was pregnant, so we took it nice and slow and probably spent a little too much time resting in the latest and greatest Toyota Tundra, as evidenced by the people waiting for their turn when we finally got out.

This year we decided to take Caleb. It's been a special tradition for us, and I wanted to share it with Caleb even though he won't remember it. Since we'd been so many times, it wasn't as important to us to see the shows or ride the rides. We found out that the State Fair offers lots of discounts during the week, so we went on a Wednesday for two Dr Pepper cans and a few dollars!

The morning dawned grey and rainy. I had Bible study that morning, and Jon was working, so I hoped for the sun to come out before we left. As the day progressed, I realized we were in for a wet time, so I ran out and bought a rain cover for the stroller, hoping we wouldn't have to use it. Caleb and I picked Jon up downtown at 2pm and headed to Dallas.

This was our first view of the State Fair.

Not very promising, I know. But by the time we got our tickets and made it inside, the rain had stopped! It wasn't even drizzling! Everything was wet, but it wasn't raining, and for that I was happy.

Jon and I really go to the fair for the food. Here's Caleb trying fair foods:

Okay, so maybe he didn't try the nacho with the jalapeno....

A nice lady in the exhibit section gave Caleb a ball.

We listened to the Vita Mix guy...who gave us a hard time because we've been six times and still haven't bought one. Okay, so maybe we're just there for the samples...if anyone has $300 to drop on us, we'd love a VitaMix. :)

We saw Elsie the cow...

Got a caricature of ourselves by this guy! That was so much fun!

And Caleb and I went into the petting zoo to see these guys.

The camel with his pet donkey really made me laugh.

When the sun went down and the Midway started picking up, the fair gets kind of creepy. So we finished up for the evening and headed home. It was a great day.

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  1. Great photos as always! You're right, Caleb won't remember this trip but you have the evidence of our great State Fair! So glad you enjoy this tradition!


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