Saturday, December 19, 2009

Roomie Reunion, To the Zoo!

Besides going out on the town, my roomies and I headed to the zoo during Roomie Reunion 2009. We loaded up the boys and headed out. The boys...well, they sacked out before we even got there!

But they managed to wake up when we arrived.

See mom? I'm ready to see the animals, I promise.

And animals they saw! Here are their reactions to the gorillas.

Aunt Leanna showing Caleb the white tiger.

Ian pushing his stroller...such a helper!

Caleb checking out another animal.

Our group: Karen, Leanna, Ian and Caleb.

Ian using a "walking stick."

I think Caleb enjoyed the zoo.


  1. Some of these I hadn't seen before. How cute are your captions and narrative. You'd make a great scrapbooker. It's just like blogging, only hands-on with scissors and glue :)

  2. They need a blogger plugin that takes your pics and captions and scrapbooks for you! (digitally, of course) I do think it's cool that all my blog pics are automatically in picassa, though.

  3. @Momma: Yeah...if I could just sit down and do it, I do think I'd like scrapbooking. I even save stuff (ticket stubs, maps, etc.) as if I were going to scrapbook.

  4. Can't resist adding my "two cents" here: So true, Lydia, remember...I didn't begin scrapbooking until I was much older than you are now. And yes, I had saved many of the ticket stubs, pictures (of course), maps, itineraries, etc. from our many trips and have now done some of those trips. I am still enjoying working on those pages as well as the newer ones that I have "saved" to do in the future!
    Scrapbooking is something you can pick up and do at any time in your life (although if you are as organized as your sister-in-law, Karen, you probably couldn't stand to have all the "stuff" sitting around in your closet, attic, or


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