Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The big news dampened by life

Today Jon and I have been making phonecalls about insurance and doulas (because I've decided I really want a doula this time around). It turns out that insurance companies aren't too keen on insuring pregnant women. Though in a way we're in luck, because the company we'd decided on pre-pregnancy doesn't offer maternity coverage the whole first year of having a policy, so we would have been stuck if we'd gotten pregnant sometime next year. (And considering that the baby bug bit me about 6 months after Caleb was born, the likelihood was pretty high that we'd get pregnant this next year.) As for doulas, well, good luck finding one south of I-30. The closest one I can find is almost 3 hours away. I called an OB office in town and they didn't even know what a doula was! The nurse asked if I had a good friend in town that I could ask to help out. So let's hope I make some really good friends in the next eight months.

That, plus another look at the budget--which for some reason is not adding up--and I just don't feel real excited about my news. We haven't told anyone but close family (and those are good stories I'll be sure to tell eventually). I know I need to call a few friends, but just don't feel chipper enough to muster an excited announcement.

Dave and Karen are coming over tonight to celebrate, and I know they will be encouraging and happy. Sounds like just what we need!

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