Saturday, February 23, 2013

Be careful, little ears...

I have been struck by how much Caleb hears. He may not understand it all, but he listens and remembers. Of course, there are the things he repeats that I wish he had not heard...or maybe that I wish I had not said. But it is so cool to hear truth come from such young lips!

Here is Caleb singing his Awana Cubbies theme song.

Caleb prays the same prayer every time he prays: Thank you, God, for a great day, and for helping Mommy and Daddy feel better.

Recently, we asked him to pray something different. After all, Mommy and Daddy were not sick any more. And he said, "I'm praying that you'll feel better from your sin!"

Huh. Oh. Well, keep praying for that, then!

He has branched out to pray other things. Sometimes it's funny, often sweet. And every once in awhile, a reminder of how much he listens. A few nights ago, it was, "Thank you, God, for a great day, and for helping Mommy and Daddy feel better. And please, God, we don't deserve you, but we need you."

In church on Sundays, he often answers the pastor's rhetorical questions.

Bro. Doug: "Do we follow others, or do we follow Christ?" (pause for dramatic effect)
Caleb, from the pew: "CHRIST!"

And now that we've been doing Cubbies for a semester, he's got quite a few verses tucked into his brain...or at least snippets of each one. His favorite seems to be, "Jesus is the resurrection and the life." But it's just as easy to recall, "All have sinned" or "God loved us and sent His Son" when we're trying to explain things.

I don't say all these things to say what a spiritual child we have; he's a "pleaser" and would probably remember whatever he thought was important to us. He's too young to understand much of what he says. However, it is such a reminder for me, as a parent, that it is never too early to start talking about the truth of Christ! It's good for him, and it's good for us, too!

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