Tuesday, February 05, 2013

James Walks the Dog

James is working with a new therapist at Hope Landing. Her name is Lucy. She wears a bandana to work every day, sleeps in the corner when she's not with a client, and she loves dog treats. She's a beautiful Lab mix, owned by another of James's therapists, Suzanne.

At their first official meeting, James was fairly nonplussed by Lucy. He had seen her at a campout before (and thoroughly broke her in by screaming his excitement in her face), and apparently books were more interesting on this particular day. Later, however, he got a chance to walk her down the hallway. Gena (his OT) held one hand, and he held Lucy's leash in the other. Usually, his one-handed walking is fairly wobbly, but I loved watching him walk with such confidence!

He's taking more independent steps each day. Last week, we recorded 9 steps in a row in Physical Therapy with Sam, and he repeated it several times! This week, we've been laid up with sickness, and James has been particularly pitiful about walking, but even then, he's been more daring about taking his own steps. It's fun to see!

Oh, see, you say? (Oh say, can you see?) Here's a little video of James walking the dog!


  1. Ohhh that kid is so yanking our chains on walking...what a pro.

  2. Wow, he does seem very confident! Man, he'll be RUNNING (and you'll be CHASING) in no time!


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