Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dr. Appointment

Yesterday we made our monthly trek to the doctor. (Trek used for dramatic purposes; her office is about 5 minutes away requiring all of four turns.) Remembering how long we waited last time, we were armed with books, and I gulped down a glass of water on the way out the door, figuring I'd have an hour or so for it to make its way through for the urinalysis. :)

However, when we got in the office, we were one of three people in the waiting room, and my name was pretty close to the top of the list. So, before settling down to wait, I decided I better go get that urinalysis over with. Sure enough, as I came out of the bathroom, a nurse said she was ready for me! Okay, let me just go grab my husband!

I weighed in, and the scale said I gained two pounds since last month (one pound overall). My scale at home says I've gained 5 pounds overall, but either way the nurse seemed fine with my weight. BabyCenter says I should have gained a bit more weight by now, but I'm sure it will all catch up to me. When that time comes, I'm hoping all these creams I'm putting on my belly do their job and prevent those stretch marks!

I told the nurse about my constant headaches, including some pretty sharp ones sometimes. She said it sounded like a blood pressure problem, but no, my BP was 109/76 or something like that. And that was after she made me nervous telling me I might have a problem!

On to the listening the baby's heartbeat: at first the nurse had trouble finding it (the dr. was out of the office, so the nurse did everything today), but she was just looking in the wrong place. Eventually she found a nice steady heartbeat. She didn't tell me the heartrate, so I can't tell you that. She did say it was strong, and she could tell that Newbie was moving quite a bit. I can't wait to feel those little movements!

We didn't measure the uterus like I thought would happen this week. She said it wasn't big enough, yet, and we'd probably start that next month. She said the headaches are probably hormonal, and she prescribed a stronger medicine for it than the Tylenol I had been taking.

After a few more questions, we were done! In at 4:00 and out by 4:30. Next month will take much longer, because we get to see Newbie again, this time to find out the gender! Plus, they use that sonogram to take lots of measurements, so it takes awhile. Hey, the longer I get to see the baby, the better!

And that's this month's report!


  1. Does the pain med affect the baby? Can't wait to see next month's sonogram!!

  2. That was my first question, and it doesn't. However, it's Darvocet, and there are warnings on it about how it's an opiate/narcotic and can cause dependency or lead to misuse. So, considering I get headaches every day, I'm not sure it's a medicine I want to start taking every day. I called a pharmacist friend of mine to see what she thought; she hasn't called back, yet.

    After taking it yesterday afternoon, I didn't sleep well and had weird dreams, which Jon says is probably because of it. I took it again today, but earlier in the day, so we'll see if it affects my sleep again.

    I waited until my headache was really bad before I took it, and now this evening I've just had a small persistent headache, not worth taking Darvocet over. A headache is a small complaint in the grand scheme of things, but constant headaches are starting to wear on me!

  3. My uterus was never measured during my pregnancy! :)

    Loved my bella band! I used it in the latter months for support of my "didn't get really big" belly!

    Hope you have a super healthy and wonderful pregnancy!

    As far as gender predictions - I am not very good at them! I thought both bhood and karenD were going to have girls! I, however, was pretty certain that I was having a boy! No predictions from me for you! I just pray that God would bless you with a healthy and happy pregnancy and baby! :) God Bless!


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