Thursday, June 26, 2008

19 weeks

This week has been a fun week. I've felt Newbie a few times this week, which has been cool. I've also eaten as much Mexican food as I could get...if I didn't already love it so much, I might call it a craving. Yesterday at the end of my workday in the office, several of us were talking about our favorite Mexican food restaurants. When I left work, I drove straight to a small tortilla factory that has the best chips and fresh salsa. Yummy! I stopped after that on an errand to Wal-Mart, and I sat in the Wal-Mart parking lot for about 5 minutes just chowing down on salsa. :)

After my errand, I tucked a napkin in my shirt and put everything within hand's reach so I could enjoy my chips and salsa on the way. Probably not my safest moment, and I did put it away after a bit. And oh, it was so yummy.

One would think that so much salsa would bring on some heartburn, but I haven't had any trouble this week. I told a guy yesterday, "I don't know what women complain about; this pregnancy thing is easy!" He immediately said, "And I'm sure they've all been wrong about delivery as well!"

Well, I wouldn't go that far. I've SEEN delivery, and it sure didn't look easy.

Though I will say that getting up and going to bed has become a slight chore. In the evening, there's the body pillow (which retains an enormous amount of heat, by the way) on my back to keep me sleeping on my left side. That pillow is turned and tucked in between my knees to keep my hips in the right place. Then I have a small pillow tucked under my real reason except I'm not used to the feeling of my belly hanging over. It's weird. And oh, I have to wear a bra during the night, so it still feels like I'm ready for the day, or maybe just taking a nap. I don't get that "Aah, comfy t-shirt and into bed I go" feeling at night any more. I miss it.

So in the morning it's not so bad, except my body pillow seems to have raised the temperature in the bed by about 10 degrees. After my shower I have to put the stretch cream on. Which, by the way, I wouldn't recommend until the second trimester. I started just about as soon as I found out I was pregnant, which was silly because my baby was the size of a pea. Now it's more important, as pretty soon Newbie won't be so many ounces as he will be pounds.

A funny thing happened to me at work yesterday. I was not wearing a maternity shirt, but one that had an empire waist with a billowy bottom section. When I walked in, a lady I worked with gushed, "You look so cute. Is that a maternity shirt? It looks like the boobie fairy has been visiting you!!"

The wha..??? Who?? Eh??

Yeah, just about the weirdest thing I've ever heard. But it made me laugh for sure! And she's right; I've had to pick out some new bras lately, though I'm told the boobie fairy is not done, yet.

Moving on....I think the pregnant hot-naturedness has hit. It could be the 100-degree temps outside, but I don't think so. I take my sweater everywhere, and I haven't used it in about two weeks. Well, once at church I did, but even hot people get cold in church. We're looking at getting some fans pretty soon, so that will be nice.

And hm...anything else? Did I tell you I felt the baby?? Yeah, that was cool....

So where is Newbie in all this, besides tapping on my insides? Well, he's about 8.5 ounces and 6 inches long. His brain is developing like crazy, and he's gotten just about all his limbs in proportion to each other now. BabyCenter says, "Don't be shy about reading aloud, talking to her, or singing a happy tune if the mood strikes you." If you know me (and you do), you know the mood strikes me quite a bit!

And that's it for this week! Whew! I haven't added a new photo to the sidebar because we take the picture on the weekends, so you'll get one sometime early next week.


  1. Your co-worker has a bizarre fairy story that's for sure....

  2. Love the updates! You'll finally get that comfy bed time feeling back after you stop nursing (assuming you nurse, of course) :)

  3. The hard part is the FOURTH trimester! And sure, they call it "labor" for a reason, but you forget about that part pretty quickly. You won't forget about the joys, quirks, funny stories, and uncomfortablness of pregnancy, though. I often think, "What was I doing/thinking/feeling this time last year when I was just barely pregnant?"

  4. Wow. Best blog yet. Thanks for all the updates! Funny, I live right next door (can't get much closer then that), and this was all news to me! :) hahaha.

  5. Salsa in the, I love you! So crazy cool how all is progressing. I know your mom and dad will just eat up the Lydia time this weekend.

  6. I am one of Leanna's friends and I am enjoying your take on being pregnant. I was also one of the lucky ones that really enjoyed almost every aspect of pregnancy (until the last month or so when I had to wake up every hour to either potty or turn over- it was training for when my girl made her grand entrance). Good luck with the rest of your time as a pregnant lady, you are doing great!

  7. @Sunshine and Emily: Glad to see people chiming in on my blog for the first time! Welcome!

  8. You look precious! I tried to vote on your 'is newbie a girl or a boy' poll, after seeing your bump I have a prediction, but your poll won't let me vote! Yay for bulging bumps!!!

    Can't wait for our photo shoot!

    Keep up the fun stories and remember EVERY part of this! It is a precious time! What a blessing!

  9. I voted!!!! My prediction is that newbie is a girl!!!!!

  10. @ChristieLynn: A girl, eh? And you can tell that from the way I'm showing??

  11. Girls usually are carried higher! I carried my little boy very low my entire pregnancy! Everyone guessed I was having a boy! :) Go figure! Just a hunch!


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