Friday, June 13, 2008

17 Weeks

The weeks are just clicking by! The big news this week is that Leanna and I went baby mama clothes shopping yesterday. We had a lot of fun, and I was SO glad Lea was there to help me make decisions. And today I'm wearing a new tank tops and shorts! Hooray! We bought some cool and casual summer clothes, as well as a few things I could wear to work/church. The fun purchase of the day was black leggings: we'll see if I have the guts to wear them! We found a cute shirt that goes with them pretty well. Now all that's left is finding the perfect flats. A girl's wardrobe is never complete!

Newbie is 5 inches long from head to rear. I just pulled out a ruler, and that's quite large! I feel like I have a baby belly, but not one big enough to house a 5-inch baby! Newbie's bones are starting to harden, and lots of good growth continues to happen. Only three more weeks before the Big Reveal! I've added a poll in the side column so you can make your final predictions. I have a feeling how most of you will vote....I've even already gotten a lamb with a pink ribbon in the mail from my aunt and uncle! Sheesh.


  1. Well, I voted for girl since that's what everyone says, but secretly I'm hoping for a boy so I can see another cute baby wear the cute clothes that Ian is quickly growing out of.

    But then I think... if your boy is built like Jon, and mine is built like John, then yours is going to pick on mine. Of course, if you have a girl, Ian will inevitably pull her hair and decapitate her dolls. Aw, cousins!

  2. Glad you got some new clothes, that always makes a girl feel good. And, yes, Newbie is a girl. I'm glad she's growing steadily; I can't wait to meet her!

  3. I bet you will look uh-dor-uh-ble! in those leggings. You can totally pull it off!!

  4. Hey, you got some boy votes! See, not everyone thinks Newbie's a girl.

  5. I think Newbie is a boy. Don't know why, but that's my hunch and well, God has a better idea than any of us and ultimately, I'll be happy with either. But when it's a boy, I'll be like "I told you so." What was so hard about that...ha! Post belly photos...your baby belly has always been preciousness!


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