Monday, June 02, 2008


On Saturday night, I dreamed that I got my sonogram, and we were having a boy! At the end of my dream, I saw the newborn little baby boy. The odd part (and there always is one in my dreams) is that I was giving myself the sonogram, and had to stand on the bed to see the monitor, which was mounted on the wall near the ceiling.

Last night, I dreamed I was starting to nurse for the first time (I was a champ at it, by the way), and I was nursing a baby girl...who, in retrospect, did not look like a newborn at all. She had lots of dark curls and looked more like...a one-year-old maybe?

Some women say they just had a feeling about what gender their baby was. I think the past two nights' dreams prove that I still have no idea!


  1. I didn't really have "the feeling" until closer to my ultrasound date. And my feeling was right! I was so worried about having bad motherly instinct. :)

    But I did have three dreams in the weeks before my ultrasound and each one showed a baby girl...well, not really a baby. She was about 3 in one dream, and about 1 or so in the other two. Keep having dreams! Maybe it'll be a predictor.

  2. Sounds like twins to me! Or perhaps that you're just excited to be a mother no matter the gender! =)

  3. hehe, the first time I had a nursing dream I woke up and I was nursing my pillow!=) I had both dreams, boy and girl the whole first trimester but then slowly but surely had boy dreams the majority of the time...and they were right!=)


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