Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nursing, Weaning, and smelling slightly of Cabbage...

When Caleb turned 1 year, it was assumed that I would wean (or had already weaned) him. However, I had not. I was pretty content with the way things were, and wanted Caleb to instigate the weaning process.

However, I realized two things:
1) Caleb is an easy-going fella. If I offered, he nursed. If I didn't offer, he was fine. I could see this "letting him decide" method taking a long time.
2) Jon has been expressing a desire for the two of us to go away overnight sometime, something we can't do until Caleb is weaned.

It was really #2 that decided it for me. Caleb has had a whole year of good-for-you breast milk, and it would be okay if he didn't have it any more. And if my husband (who has more say in our relationship that our child) gives a reasonable request, then I'm happy to honor it.

So, we began the process of weaning. I chose to drop a feeding a week, replacing it with whole milk. Caleb did great through it all! He has transitioned very well. Jon has been getting to spend some of those special moments with Caleb, which both have really enjoyed. And I've enjoyed getting to stay in bed a little longer in the mornings...or at least getting in the shower while Jon gave Caleb his milk.

I have to admit, though, that the first few days I was glued to the monitor, listening to the quiet coos of my baby just waking up. We're on day five now, so I think it's safe for me to start going in and enjoying the morning routine again.

So, day five. It's not just Caleb who has to adjust. I've had some milk machines pumpin' out the good stuff for over a year now. Four to three feedings was painful for a day or two. The others were really not bad. Except this last one. Day five of no feedings and I've finally succumbed to the cabbage leaves remedy. Evidently cold cabbage leaves relieve pain not just because they're cool, but also because they have a chemical element that helps dry milk up. What a wonderful world. It's too soon to report if it works, yet.

So, there we are. Caleb is weaned. I'm learning to let my little boy grow up. I smell slightly of cabbage. And Jon and I are working on that weekend getaway. :)


  1. Great; it will be wonderful for you two to get away and enjoy yourselves. I have some mighty fine pain killers...but I think sharing pills is pretty discouraged. Good Luck!

  2. Way to go, both of you! Weaning is a bittersweet process. Dayton and I are working on overnight getaway being a motivating factor here are well!

  3. We'll babysit for the weekend getaways!!!!!!!!


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