Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moment of Weakness and general update

Well yesterday I caved. It had been a week since weaning Caleb. I was in some serious pain, and Caleb had been out of sorts all day. He wouldn't go to sleep, and I was planning on trying to get some milk out somehow that afternoon, so after a bit of deliberation, I decided to let Caleb nurse. He didn't get upset (like he sometimes does when he knows he's about to eat), and when I "closed up shop" after only a couple minutes, he didn't seem to mind. I was feeling a lot more comfortable and he seemed a little calmer. So...hopefully no harm done!

Whether weaning is related or not, Caleb has been acting differently this weekend. Very short naps and refusal to eat some foods that he normally likes. The poor guy has been going on not much sleep, and then he's kind of a mess by the end of the day!

But, in other news, he's still such a joy. He makes me smile all the time, and is certainly working on his sense of humor. He does things now because he knows I think they're funny. He's also doing his best to master the spoon, get on and off of his tractor, climb, and even run. He loves to put things in and take things out, which is most unhelpful while packing moving boxes! I've found a carrot in the toaster, the monitor gets hidden in all sorts of nooks and crannies, cheerios in my guitar, and yet none of Caleb's books are back in their book box. Hm...

And that's about as much update as I've got for tonight! Be praying for our little boy as he's shuffled around this week, and then as he transitions to a new home on Friday.


  1. Little guy's just got a lot going on in life I guess. We'll be praying for a smooth transition!

  2. That sounds really similar to what Sophie has been like lately. Last week she refused to eat anything other than crackers or waffles and she was really cranky all week. Karen and I decided she has to be working on her molars. Hurry up and come in molars so I can have my child back!

  3. I hope he gets back into his grove next week at the house. I am so happy for you all!!


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