Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 8

Today as I curled up into bed for a much-needed nap, I struggled to get comfortable--stretching out makes my stomach feel icky, curling up too tight doesn't feel great, either--and I thought, "Week six is sick. Oh wait. I'm at week eight. Well, week eight ain't great. Hm...I think I've heard that before...."

Until now it's been hard to tell I'm pregnant. I'm still not showing, no real weight gain, and only a slight bit of gagginess. But this week has been harder. My stomach has hurt more, foods have seemed less appealing to me (though I've been more hungry), and the fatigue I've felt for several weeks has not let up. Add in a fussy, teething son and a husband trying to get his bearings at a new job and it's made for a hard week. Oh, yeah, and being pregnant makes me crabby. Bah humbug.

But, apart from that, I'd say this pregnancy is going well. I kind of expected to be showing a little by this time, but not yet! I have gained 2.5 pounds, but I'm thinking that might be more attributed to moving to a new town and going out to eat, going to potlucks, receiving food from friends, etc. There's a lot of eating that goes on around here!

We've decided on an insurance plan finally! We thought we were going to have to go with a plan that required we pay 20% of all costs. No copays, instead we pay 20% of each dr. visit, 20% of each sonogram, 20% of the hospital bills, anesthesiologist, any NICU drs who might need to be present at the birth (as they were with Caleb). Yeah, we saw all those bills that Caleb accrued. Twenty percent is not just ugly; it's impossible!

Last week we found a company who would accept my pre-existing pregnancy. The policy is a little more expensive, but not as much as we'd have to pay in bills with the first policy. So I think we've made a good decision. Now I'm just hoping we get approved quickly so we can find a doctor here. I don't think I need to go to another appointment for at least two weeks, so there's time. If all else fails, there's a nurse at our church who does sonograms, and we might ask her if we could at least get a sonogram and check the basics out. Make sure Newbie2 is still happy in his little floaty world!

This week the little guy has fingers and toes and is about the size of a kidney bean. And we love him!

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