Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Newbie2's First Appointment

We got to see our first glimpse of little Newbie2 today! And "little" is an understatement! We thought we were almost 8 weeks along, and come to find out we're not quite 6 weeks! Newbie2 is only 2mm long. That's teeny tiny! But it was still big enough to see a heartbeat. Gosh, what an amazing sight. A HEART in a 2mm baby!! For whatever reason, the sono was done internally this time--a first for me, and really not that pleasant. No, I would not choose that if I had the choice next time.

But everything looks good. The nurse was a little concerned and wanted to test my progesterone levels, but it was just because she doesn't usually see patients so early in pregnancy and it made her nervous.

We're moving in two days, so I really wanted to see Dr. K and tell her bye. I was disappointed to find out I was only going to see the nurse, but when I explained, she hunted down the doctor. Dr. K came in and gave me a hug and said she would miss seeing the next baby. She commented on how big Caleb was now, and I tried unsuccessfully to express my appreciation for her. Seriously, it's strange the connection I feel to her, and probably every woman feels toward the doctor who brought their child into the world. Yeah, I had a lot to do with it, and it wouldn't have happened at all without a God in control, but the day after Caleb was born, I felt like Dr. K was my sister who had brought about a miracle.

Yeah, I'm sure she feels the same way about me.

Poor OBs with moms fawning all over them. What a weird field. Science + pregnancy hormones = mom fans for life. It explains why every OB office has a bulletin board with photos of kids plastering it. I've always wondered if the OB ever cared that much (and kind of think they don't), but moms feel such a connection that they're sure their doctor would want to see the progress of the child they brought into the world. Just like I felt it was important to bring Caleb to this appointment. Ridiculous? Yes.

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  1. I totally had the same experience! I wrote my midwife a looooong letter of appreciation and sent waaaay too many photos of Elliott with the letter when he was only a few weeks old! Looking back, I'm not sure if she was flattered or thought I was muy loco! It's true though, it's a moment that we will never forget...the birth of a child and those who made it possible!


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