Thursday, December 16, 2010

And to All a Good Night...

OK, so James is doing extremely well.  He's free of nearly all his medicines, his fever is under control, and he is eating very well.  In fact, he is continuing to eat fast (for him).  You probably won't understand how excited this makes us - his normal feeding has been 45-60 minutes long for 3 or so ounces, but these feedings are 12-15 minutes for the same amount.  This translates into 3+ hours of time gained back in our day!

Otherwise, we are really getting excited about the possibility of heading home with him much earlier than we had expected.  It seems very possible that this will happen on Saturday!  That would be awesome!

In other news, as we've been in the waiting room here, we've been blessed to get to know several other families.  Many are facing far more difficult situations than we have with James.  Currently, we are sharing a room with baby Reagan.  Please pray for her and her family.  She has her arteries switched so that she has 2 vascular systems - one circulates blood to the lungs and back to the heart in a circle and another that does the same thing with her body.  The only thing that has allowed her to live at all is that she also has holes in her heart allowing a small amount of oxygenated blood to cross over to the body.  She has already been through 1 surgery and will have another next week.  Please remember these other families as you pray for James.

Well, we are about to settle in for our first night apart.  Lydia will be in the room with James, while I get to stay in the waiting room.  This is a blessing for Lydia (and not because she gets rid of me!).  Even so, we can't wait to get home with our little boy!

Good night!


  1. The news continues to get better!

  2. That is great! Praise God for such good eating results!

  3. That is so super dooper fantastic! Praying for James and his roomie!

  4. hey guys, it's marsha - i am so excited about the continued reports of such quick improvements - exactly what we have all been praying for - lydia, thanks for the call yesterday - i could hear the excitement in your voice - hope to see everyone soon


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