Friday, December 17, 2010

Word from the Doctor

We just heard from Dr. V, who has been overseeing James through this process of healing.  His echo and chest x-ray revealed a slight decrease in heart function (it isn't squeezing as hard).  So, he will be getting a new medicine to help his heart pump harder.  This isn't abnormal, so no one is really worried about it.  Otherwise, the echo showed that the VSD hole was completely closed - he literally no longer has a heart murmur!

Dr. V is also concerned about that little spike in temperature James had overnight.  So, we will be giving him his tylenol only as needed instead of every 6 hours, since that can mask a fever.  As it turns out, James has already been off of that for several hours and had no fever, so that probably isn't a problem.  Even so, blood that was drawn yesterday for cultures to see if James has any infections will be monitored for 48 more hours.

All this means that James will be here until Tuesday, at least.  (noon Sunday for the cultures, then the last of his IVs out, and 1 more day to make sure of everything)  That isn't as early as we had hoped, but it is way earlier than it could be!

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