Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Surgeon just visited

Dr. I just stopped in to say that things are going well. James is all sewn up now. He'll be cleaned up and then headed to his room. We'll get to see him 20-30 minutes after that, once he's all settled in. Dr. I said the hole was very large, though it had mostly been covered by the valve. So we're excited to see what changes we see in him once he's recovered!

Update: As I was typing this, the nurse came back in and said James is in his room. He is doing well, and didn't need any transfusions. He's still on the ventilator, which means he will still be sedated when we go see him. I'm not looking forward to how pitiful he will be, but I'm ready to see my baby boy!

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  1. Wow Lydia, Such a big day and you seem to be handling it well. I'm so thankful for that. I'm even more thankful that James did so well during surgery and that things seem to be getting better. Keep us posted.


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