Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today's update

The weekend is much slower around here, but just because it's Sunday doesn't mean nothing's been done. James had another x-ray this morning, and it showed that the fluid around his lungs is clearing nicely, even with the decreased diuretics. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks he'll be off that medicine completely.

The other medicines he's taking include something to help his heart function and something to help his low thyroid numbers (hypothyroidism is common with DS, and we found out James had it with the pre-op bloodwork). His low heart function is common after heart surgery, but his is a little lower than expected, so the drs have been watching it. They want to give it a little time, which is why it seems as though we're just waiting around at the moment. The nurses brings his meds--which we administer (the oral ones, at least)--and we are in charge of feedings, bathing, and diaper changes. Hopefully Monday's echocardiogram will tell us that his heart function is back to normal, and we can head home!

We've heard a few estimates for our home-going, and none have been later than Tuesday. I can't believe we'll be home for Christmas! I suppose something could still happen, but so far things are going well.

For that reason, my mom is heading home today. My dad came up for the weekend, so they'll head home together and then be on their "Christmas tour" to see all the family. Jon went home last night to check on things, and he's headed back up today. Then it'll just be he and I in charge of our little bundle. Caleb is still with Nana and Grandad and loving it, but I miss him. It'll be good to have our family all together again soon.

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