Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dr. Appointment

Yesterday was our 36-week appointment, which included a sonogram! The sono is to estimate how big Caleb is, if he's growing like he should, etc. Well, he's estimated to be 6 pounds and 3 ounces (right on target with Baby Center's estimates, which I give you every week in the weekly updates). That means, if he follows on track, he'll be about 7 and 3/4 pounds at birth, up to 8.5 pounds, which is apparently the average baby size these days. I'm going for the 7 3/4 pounder myself!

Caleb had the hiccups during the sonogram, and the sonographer said he's still moving a lot for being 36 weeks along. She again confirmed he was a boy, just in case we weren't sure. And everything checked out normal!

This appointment was also our first check for dilation and effacement, which are both indicators of how soon the baby will come. We've got no change on both accounts! This baby is here to stay for a bit longer! I told Dr. K that I'd be happy if he just got here by Thanksgiving (a week after my due date), and she said, "If he gets here by Thanksgiving, we'll all be saying Hallelujah!" So she thinks Caleb is content where he is, with no plans of a location change anytime soon.

I'm actually very okay with that. I realize my feelings could change on the matter, but if there had been any dilation, etc., that would have just added to the stress of my to-do list at work. So I'm glad that he's not coming early, and I might even have a little extra time. My family, on the other hand, might have other thoughts about the matter, since they get Thanksgiving off already, making it quite convenient to visit the new baby. They may just get to visit with a very pregnant, possibly grouchy, probably complainy daughter. What a holiday treat!

I asked about my lack of Braxton Hicks...as far as I can tell, I haven't had any, which the doctor said was just fine. She also noted my swelling ankles, but said they look really good; most people at 36 weeks have cankles, she said! I just think it's funny that she used the term "cankles."

Here are the stats:
Weight: Gained 4lbs. Total of 24lbs.
Uterus: 34-35cms
Blood pressure: 116/77
Caleb's heart rate: 132bpm and 145bpm (two different readings: one from sono and one from dopplar)

Dr. K left us with a quick note on things to look for that signify labor or complications, and when to come in. It was the first time she's initiated a conversation about labor/delivery, so that makes things a little more real! Also the fact that we start going in every week from here on out!


  1. Well, now the weeklies begin. And even if Caleb is comfy right now, he could decide in a couple of weeks that he's had enough incubation time and is ready to meet his grandma!

    Come on, Caleb!!

  2. @Carolyn: Maybe you can sweet talk him into changing his mind. But really, what do you offer a newborn that's better than what they have? Right now he's always the right temperature, he's comfortable, never hungry...what does this bright, cold, loud world have to offer?? Oh, a GRANDMA! Can't get that in-utero!

  3. I'm going for thanksgiving too! Then, we will always all be able to celebrate his birthday together!

  4. and might I add....you have only gained 24 pounds during your pregnancy! That's awesome....kudos to you. You're doing fantastic at managing your body's changes and staying healthy.

  5. @KarenN: Well, I still have a few weeks to go, so we'll see how much I gain overall!

  6. You're in the homestretch! Way to go, Lydia :) I'm excited to finally see pictures of Caleb in a few weeks!


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