Sunday, October 05, 2008

Labor Story

It turns out that I'm a complete flake when it comes to people in labor. Realizing I might also flake out when my own labor comes, I thought I'd make a checklist...and sort of a story of how I'd like to see things go. A birth plan, if you will, but one that includes much more than just the actual birth.

Let's start when contractions start.....
  1. Contractions start.
  2. Drink 40 ounces of water, change activity, walk, etc. to see if the contractions stop. If they do, it's false labor, and that's the end of that. If they don't....
  3. Call Group 1 (Family, Friends)
  4. Get final things together. Make sandwiches for Jon to have once we get to the hospital.
  5. Shower
  6. Eat something! Substantial, but not overfilling.
  7. Walk, get on birthing ball, etc. to alleviate pain.
  8. Keep drinking water.
  9. Give extra food/water to the cats.
  10. Check into hospital when contractions are 4 minutes apart.
  11. Call Group 2 (Church, work....)
  12. Communicate basic birth plan to nurse.
  13. Have family in room if possible (if I'm feeling social): Games, TV, music...
  14. Wait til Labor Down before pushing.
  15. Everyone out of the room except Jon, my mom, and Karen
  16. Hopefully be epidural-free so I can use different birthing positions.
  17. Have the baby!
  18. Everyone out but Jon (and Caleb and I, of course)
  19. Feed the baby
  20. Everyone back in to look at/hold the baby!
  21. Call Group 3 (Church, work....)


  1. hahahaha...or is it hee.hee..hee...??

    good plan, dear, but Caleb may have other plans, you know....


  2. Oh, I'm sure he'll have his own idea of how to do things! Even then, some of these things will still apply, so it's good to think it out.

  3. Look at you Superwoman! I think you are a strong woman, you will do great in labor and delivery! And you're going to be a great Mom, too!


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