Monday, October 06, 2008

Thirty-Three Weeks

Week 33 has come and gone! What's happened in this week? Well, it's been just about more of the same. Caleb is still active, and it's fun to try to figure out where he is in my belly. He weighs a little over 4 pounds and is 17 inches long!

As far as how I'm doing physically, things are again, pretty much the same. I think I might bust into a waddle pretty soon, which won't be pretty, but I guess it has to happen eventually! I haven't been sleeping well, which also affects Jon's sleep, and I have lots of weird dreams. I got my first yeast infection. Woohoo. On our first prenatal visit, our nurse had said to go ahead and get some Monistat, because I would be needing it. So it's quite common in pregnancy, but I hope I don't see much more of it. And why, you ask, would I even mention such a thing on a public blog? Well, I figure this is for "posterity"--to document for myself what happened, and to document for those who haven't experienced it, yet. To those women, aren't you excited about what's coming?? :)

Over the weekend, I took back duplicates, etc., that I'd received at showers. I made a list of everything we absolutely needed before Caleb's birth. Thanks to the blessings of family and friends, that list is pretty short! I gathered coupons and Jon and I made three separate purchases at Babies R Us (to maximize the coupons), and we used gift cards, with more to spare for next week's purchases! (BRU coupons are only valid one week, so I have another set of coupons to use next week!)

Before all this, I had been worrying about everything that we still needed, and that we wouldn't have enough money to get it all. But now it looks like we'll have everything we need, without spending much (if any) money out of our own pocket! We are so blessed!

Once the short list I made has been fulfilled, everything else on our registry is open game for Christmas! :)

This past weekend I also organized the nursery again; I found places for the things that hadn't gotten settled, yet. I took all the tags off of toys. I put away diapers and bath stuff. I put all the 0-3 month clothes in the dresser and 3-6 month (and beyond) in a Rubbermaid tub. Thanks, Karen, for all the cute Ian clothes! My dresser is now packed!

Today I'm going to a 3-day business meeting with work, and I realized that after this, my next bag to pack will be my hospital bag! How exciting is that! I have a few things on my mind that I'd like to get before that, as well, but they're all "wish list" stuff, not necessaries. So all in all, I feel prepared for where we are right now.

Some days (or moments in a day) I struggle with the fact that our life will never be the same, and there's nothing we can do about it. It's not like a move or a job that we can back out of. This is permanent. And while most of the time I'm excited about that, some of the time I dread it. Life's gonna change big time. It's kind of like how we all look back on our college days as some of the best times--we had the most freedoms with the least amount of responsibility. I think I'll look back at our "pre-kids" marriage that way as well. These have been good years. Sometimes hard, but very, very good. And then someday I'll look back at the toddler years, or the school-age years, and think the same thing. Hard, but very, very good.


  1. It's relieving to know that I'm not the only person that thinks about the permanency of impending parent-hood. Not that I would change anything, but it's scary to think there's no turning back now. Our lives will be different forever. But I'm happy Sheldon and I had the eight years of marriage we did before our little Sophie girl makes her debut.

    You and Jon will make great parents! And you had some time as well before little Caleb. It's getting close! :)

  2. Yes, you have had a good six years as we did before your brother was born. Life enters a new phase now. It is exciting, demanding, frustrating at times, but mostly FUN! Enjoy your children as we did you while, at the same time, keeping your marriage commitment first. Kids grow up and leave. You begin to prepare for that from the very first breath. When they're gone, you want to have a marriage left to enjoy.

  3. Isn't it beautiful how generous people are in helping parents-to-be prepare for a new baby? I'm so glad that gathering stuff you need isn't an extra stress on you guys.

    And the reason I freaked out (a little) when I discovered we were pregnant with B was that whole "no turning back" reality. I knew our lives would be drastically different but I couldn't picture what that would be. It's scary!

    And wonderful.

    I'm so excited for you!

  4. I think "hard, but very, very good" is the best description of parenthood. On the one hand, you're faced with this little person who depends on you for everything and that can be exhausting. But at the same time, it's amazing that God has entrusted you with that little person's upbringing. Children really are a huge blessing! (Even when they color on the television or glue paper to the wall.)

  5. Although we didn't get to experience much married life before our bundle came it still is the best change that can ever happen to a couple. Having a child is a special gift that you will always have forever. Grandchildren on the other hand definitly comes next (ask you mom about that one)or you can take it from me. Ian is the second most special child in our lives. So being a parent IS the most wonderful thing. I am glad that you are prepared and ready to go. Twenty-seven years ago there wasn't much to get ready for as there is today and I am glad for that since I was only 20.
    Just remember that no matter how old you child gets they will always be your baby (right Ksren:))


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