Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, contractions started at about 10:15 tonight! Crazy, huh??

I thought at first it was just Caleb stretching, because it didn't really hurt, but I felt a small dull pain at the very base of the uterus, which I can only assume is the cervix moving into position, which the doctor said only happens with contractions.

So, once I figured, "hey, this might be a contraction," I had Jon start timing. In about thirty minutes, we had contractions every 5 minutes or so, lasting 45 seconds. Wow! The doctor said to come in when they're 5 minutes apart for an hour, but surely she can't mean these contractions! They don't even hurt!

So, next on my list is to drink lots of water to see if that stops them. I did, and I've had two contractions since then...I haven't timed them, though, because I figure I won't really need to until they start to hurt. And now I'm about to go to bed, because I also figure I better get some sleep while I can, if these are really real!

I called my mom, who did not answer the phone, I might just say.... My dad eventually woke up and called me back. He wins the grandparent award for that one! :) Anyway, my mom is already planning on coming tomorrow, so she's doing the same as we are: going back to bed to see if she can get some sleep before things start to happen. After all, this may just be a false alarm (I mean seriously, aren't contractions supposed to hurt??), and then we'll all be nice and rested for whatever tomorrow brings us.

Ooh, now I'm excited! Let's see how much sleep I really get! I'll keep you posted if I can!


  1. It's 2 hours after your post.... I wonder if you're sleeping or heading to the hospital?!?

    My contractions with Bean didn't hurt until I was really far along. My doc told me I had actually been in labor for almost 2 days and I didn't know it. Hah! I just thought it was cramps + Braxton Hicks.

    I can't wait to see pictures of sweet Caleb! I hope you sleep well until it is his time to come!

  2. Oh yay! I can't wait to hear how it goes! I'm at work tonight all night, so I'll keep checking in on you ;)

  3. We haven't gotten a call, yet. You're gonna call us, right?

  4. We're still watching the blog and praying for you guys! Contractions - yeah!! (can't help you much, though - we induced with both of our kiddos, but those contractions did hurt.)

  5. Oh much excitement occurs when I slack off on my blog reading!

    It's been 15 hours with no update so I'm assuming SOMETHING is happening. Yay!

    I hope you were able to get some rest last night. Can't wait to hear (read) about what has been going on! Praying for you guys!


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