Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still here

We're still at home, and the contractions are still coming, though much slower than before. I stayed up until about 12:45 timing them and doing laundry. They were starting to hurt at that point, so laying down didn't feel good at all. I sat on my Pilates ball, and I would recommend! Quite comfy during contractions!

At 12:45 I was finally tired enough to lay down, I guess. Then I just checked my watch every once in awhile, but no more official timing. I was surprised when it was already 2am...and then 4:30...and then 6:15. I don't know if I slept through contractions, or they got really slow, but I do feel I got some rest. I stayed on the couch where I could move around or sit up if the contractions got bad. Jon stayed in bed, but would come out intermittently and get me more water and check on me. Early on, he was dreaming, and I heard him say, "I think I see something!" Then a long "ohh...." groan like he wished he hadn't seen what he just saw, and he needed to sit down. Haha! It made me laugh. He's going to do great in the delivery, I just know it!

He's taken off work today, my mom's on the road and I'm expecting her here pretty soon, and Jon and I are about to go for a walk to see if we can't start these contractions back up for real!

I've set up my phone so I can send updates from it if we head to the hospital...I'll try to keep you informed! Sadly, it's a work phone that won't let me send pictures (even though I can take them), but I can at least send text. Someone else may be the first to post a pic of our little Caleb. If so, I'll let you know where to go find it!


  1. I'm telling you, I am a mess! Running around like a crazy women here getting packed up. The pumpkin pies aren't made, yet. Done two loads of laundry. There is SO much stuff to pack up when traveling with a little one, I think I'm losing my mind here! And every time the phone rings (which has only been like twice) I jump thinking it might be you. Oh, and John discovered a flat tire this morning, so we're glad to get that fixed before we're on the road.

    I'm so excited!

  2. Ok, seriously...I spilled pumpkin on the floor, made a mess of the ingredients and amazingly got the bread into the oven without spilling again. I've got a slight caffeine buzz thing going...and I'm just a lowly secondary in the production!

  3. Ok, so my last comment is dumb in light of this post but it hasn't come through on my reader for some reason!

    I recommend getting as much rest as possible while you are able. Labor can last a long time (or not) and you'll need all the energy you can get!

    So excited for you!!

  4. I am SO excited!!!! Praying for you and can't wait to hear how things keep going!!!


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