Monday, November 24, 2008

Dr. Appointment

Another day, another appointment!

Here are the stats:
Weight: Still gained 0 lbs. Staying steady with a total of 26lbs
Uterus: 37cms
Blood pressure: 118/70
Caleb's heart rate: 130s bpm

And the big news: dilated to one centimeter and effaced 60%! Our first sign of progress!

My blood pressure is back to normal, which may indicate that work stress was truly the cause, or it may just be the result of being a complete bum for several days!

The doctor really doesn't like people to go beyond 41 weeks (which is Thanksgiving day), so she's scheduled an induction for Friday night. I'd go in that night for a medicine that will finish the effacement, and the next morning start on pitocin, which causes contractions. Then, I should have a baby by Saturday night! Induction is certainly not my first preference, and pitocin causes pretty rough contractions, so my hopes of going natural would probably not happen. So, if this baby could get a move on before then, that would be great! :)

And that's the report! My normal doctor is back in the office on Wendnesday, and we're scheduled to see her bright on Wednesday morning to check in and talk over the induction with her. Pray for more progress from now to then!


  1. Oooh, talking to you on the phone just briefly about this got me all excited. So, we'll definitely meet Caleb by the end of the week! OK, I made sure I have camera batteries charged and ready... just gotta do laundry in the morning and get packed for our busy days ahead! (If Caleb comes tonight, we might be wearing dirty clothes this week. :-) Ian did get an overdue bath tonight, though. Oh, gotta remember to pack his "cousin" shirt! Ahhh!)

  2. You should at least update your photos to week 40 before this baby comes. :-)


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