Thursday, March 20, 2008

A little weird, but documented

I've always loved to play dress up. There are pictures of me in some pretty crazy things throughout the years: clown costume, nurse's uniform, my dad's shoes while I pretended to mop the piano bench..... Yeah.... Let's focus on that last image and just realize how weird I am.

So, imagine the temptation to dress up when my mom gave me some beautiful maternity clothes! So beautiful! Apparently the "Motherhood" store was having a huge sale, so my mom picked out some things for me to go to work and church in. I love them all! And of course I had to try them on. But, really, it's kind of hard to figure out the fit when I'm not really showing. At all.


Thanks Momma! When my belly's the size of the green pillow, it will all fit perfectly!


  1. Yes, I remember those dress-up times; maybe I should post a few pics?

    You look perfectly elegant and professional in the top photo. I love the face in the bottom one! Grandma would say, "That's my Lydia!"

  2. You just hope you look that slim and elegant when you're as big as the green pillow! =)

    Can't wait to go shopping!!

  3. @Momma: I think you should put up the pics. They make me laugh. :)

    @Leanna: NO KIDDING. If only my belly would grow, and nothing else... :) We'll have to compare photos when I actually do get that big. Karen N says there's a Motherhood Outlet at Grapevine Mills....

  4. ooo, let's go in early summer maybe???

    i'll look for those pics when i get home, dear

  5. I found the pictures of your dress ups. I guess I'll post them on my blog? w/o reference to this one, of course.

  6. Haha! I can't wait to see them on your blog!! The memories!

  7. Now I know why she posted those pictures. I thought it was kinda random...

  8. You're such a dork. This made me laugh so hard. You will be that fat someday. :)

  9. Margie, if you even hint at calling me fat, I cannot account for what my crazy hormones will do to you. :) I've already warned Jon he's to make NO jokes about weight gain!


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