Thursday, March 27, 2008

Other people we've told

Besides the family and Leanna, we've now told Holly and the Sapps. Holly was ecstatic and very indignant that we'd waited SO LONG to tell her, which was exactly how I knew she'd react. I love that girl. Ten minutes after we left her house, her mom called, ALSO ecstatic! I feel like we're part of the family! Holly and I have started walking together in the afternoons, so I'm looking forward to today's walk so we can talk all about baby stuff! Sophie is almost 2 now, and Holly has been a very practical mom, so she's a very good resource about diapers, what a baby really needs, etc. Of course, she's cursed me with twins (usually whenever I'm laughing at Sophie disobeying), so we'll see if that comes true or not! How crazy would that be!

The Sapps are family friends of the Norvells, and Raymond Sapp is the musician extraordinaire in the bluegrass band I'm in. So, I wanted to tell him so I could give a good amount of notice before I left the band. We've got a potential/probable gig in June, and that will be my last. I've learned and improved so much since we started getting together, so I'll miss all the practice, but I stay pretty overcommitted most of the time, and I just can't keep that up when I'm trying to make a baby! So, I'll start to cut down on things.

Oh, and I also told Greta, who I'm pretty sure called me to "announce" about ten minutes after she took the pregnancy test, so it was fun to tell her. She's about 7 weeks ahead of me, so she's my pregnant friend to discuss preparation and nursery and all that with. She also lives in Lubbock, so no fear of telling anyone else.

HOWEVER, Jon keeps hounding me about spilling the beans to everyone! Gosh.... (Napoleon Dynamite-style) We're having our next church planting meeting on April 5th, so we'll probably need to tell those people, since this greatly affects our decisions (it doesn't change the fact that we're doing it, just maybe the logistics of things). So, if Jon convinces me that we need to tell them, then we'll probably tell everyone around that time.

It's so fun to tell everyone! Hooray!!

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  1. I've had fun telling my co-workers this week. They already think I'm a "hopeless" in love with Ian. They rolled their eyes when they heard #2 is on the way. :)

    I love it!!


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