Saturday, March 15, 2008


Oh my gosh we're pregnant.

So you know I've been charting (okay, maybe you didn't, but that just means you need to start back at the beginning of this blog!), and I've gotten pretty familiar with what my cycle looks like. As we neared the end of this last cycle, I wasn't showing signs of it. We both had the possibility of pregnancy in the backs of our minds, but really, we didn't want to think about it too much.

On Wednesday, I got sick. I didn't throw up, but my stomach felt awful. I joked with Jon that I was pregnant, but really figured it was the Mexican food I'd had for lunch (and it still might have been).

My cycle should have ended yesterday at the very latest, so we decided to take the test today, to give one more day for accuracy. (In the meantime, both our new kittens died, and I didn't know if that had anything to do with a slightly longer cycle, since stress can affect that.) This morning, the test. Within a few seconds, I glanced over and thought I saw the plus sign, but glanced away quickly, wanting to give it more time. I couldn't wait long, though, and it was confirmed. A plus sign.

"Jon...? Come here...."

We couldn't believe it. It doesn't even seem real. As a matter of fact, we're picking up another pregnancy test while we're out running errands today, just in case.

Oh my gosh we're pregnant!! From my calculations, we're due around Nov. 20th. I've got to find a doctor and have them confirm that...and then start on a 9 month relationship with that doctor! Crazy!!

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