Monday, April 21, 2008

Gender Discussions

So the topic of late has been on gender. Will our sweet little Newbie be a young prince or princess? My father-in-law, father to two sons, insists on calling Newbie a "she." My Mawmaw is sure it will be a girl, and my mom thinks it would be fun to have a girl since we now have Ian in the family. A friend of ours, Christie, has correctly picked the gender of 8 out of 9 babies born in our Sunday School class, and she thinks I'm having a girl.

I, on the other hand, call Newbie a "he," not because I want a boy over a girl, but because I'm just used to the boy coming first. My brother and Jon were firstborns, my uncle was firstborn. It's just what I'm used to. And I refuse to switch back and forth between "he" and "she" because I'm sure that would confuse everyone.

Yesterday, we pulled out an old wives tale sort of trick involving a needle and thread, and the result was a 75% chance girl. At least, 3 out of the 4 times we tried it, the results were girl!

In our family discussions, Jon and I have decided on a two-out-of-three rule. We'd like a boy and a girl, and if we get two boys or two girls, we'll try one more time. If at that point, we haven't seen a shred of pink or a bit of blue, well, that's the end of it for us. We were meant to have all girls or all boys (and heaven help us!). But, in general, we'd like both, so whatever Newbie turns out to be, it's just a start into the beginning of our family.

So here's your chance: boy or girl? What do you think? Put in your predictions!


  1. Well, I think a girl would be fun to add to the family, of course. She'll probably outgrow and out speak Ian anyway since girls tend to do that. But I do have a lot of little boy stuff to pass on...

    No, wait! You have a girl first. Then I'll give you boy stuff for your second which will of course be a boy, and you can give me girl stuff for our second which we're planning to be a girl! Gosh, if only we could plan these things...

    Either way, a gift from God and a beautiful child, boy or girl, is coming your way!

    PS: Sometimes speed of heart rate can point to gender. It worked for us... a lower heart rate meant boy. Also, there's something to be said for intuition. I always felt like we were going to have a boy.

  2. Exactly, Lydia...what do YOU think it is?

    I first thought boy, but lately, I've been feeling girl...hmmm...not much help, huh?

  3. I want it to be a girl for purely selfish reasons. all the people I know that have had babies lately have had boys. I have bought too many baby gifts with cars and sports all over them and have passed up the frilly dresses with matching bloomers and hats that I am selfishly wanting it to be a girl so that I can buy the cute girl stuff. But either way, I am glad you are finding out ahead of time....that makes it easier on everyone I think.

  4. I think either would be great and people get to caught up in gender decisions. A baby is a blessing indeed, I'll take either for my Norvell Newbie.


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