Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today, someone at work said I looked like I was getting smaller. You know, sometimes that happens, and I just politely laugh it off or say something like, "Well, I'm trying...." This time, I couldn't do anything but laugh, and I mean a real, genuine, cracking up laugh. It was just too funny to me, as I've seen my stomach become less and less flattering, and I worked so hard trying to find the perfect outfit to disguise my pregnancy at work.

I know that pregnant people are cute, and I don't think I'll ever worry about the weight I'm gaining, or the loss of my waistline. I mean, I'm pregnant. But what I didn't expect was the "in between" stage where it doesn't look like I'm pregnant. It looks like I hit the Krispy Kremes too hard. I mean, I'm still okay with it, and I'm even okay showing it--around people who know I'm pregnant. But at work...they don't know, and Krispy Kremes might be the only logical conclusion for them.

Until they do know, I think I'll keep wearing this outfit every week. :)


  1. so what outfit WERE you wearing that made you look tiny? better keep it!

  2. Teehee, that is funny and awesome. You are beautiful and radiant anyways, so people can't help but notice. This person just happened to pin it on the totally wrong thing! =)

    Cheers to you and your Krispy Kreme belly!

  3. @Momma: Actually, I was wearing the outfit I'm wearing in my profile pic.

    @Leanna: Aw, thanks! What a great friend I have.

  4. well...if someone said you looked smaller at work,then i wouldn't worry too much about showing yet. But I can empathize with how you feel....seems like I have a similar feeling every Monday morning after the weekend splurges, like a big ole bowl of ice cream celebrating a pregnancy!
    You will always be matter what size.


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