Saturday, April 12, 2008

So blessed

Newbie is just 8 weeks old, and he/she already has so many things!

I've made two blankets. The taggie blanket is like the ones I gave as shower gifts. The Pooh quilt was when my friend Bekah taught us how to make a quilt in a day.

My parents already have a crib from when Brooke was little, and we'll move that to our house at some point (hopefully not too soon!).

My parents found a stroller and carseat at a good price. Just taking it out to take this picture showed me a lot of the cool stuff it can do. I'm already envisioning trips to the State Fair....

And my sister-in-law, KarenN, couldn't resist the "Baby's First Easter" stuff on sale!

What a blessing to be so loved before even being born! Thank you!


  1. stuff made the blog. I am honored. You need to keep an ongoing list of all the stuff you got somewhere on your blog so that people don't duplicate it. Who knows when the spirit will move us to bless Norvell Newbie. I just can't wait till we find out the gender, then I can start really looking at clothes!

  2. You'll have to show me how you made that quilt. It's really nifty!


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