Monday, September 29, 2008

Belly Pics are up!

Norvell Newbie has heard the cries of its readers (especially Holly...), and the new pics are up! I've added four, weeks 29-32, and sped it up quite a bit. Now it's like a video! :) I'm much bigger than week 28, which you've been seeing for awhile. Still, people still guess I'm only six months along, and always tell me how small I am. Oh, well! I'm just naturally petite. Haha!


  1. What is up with week 31? It's like your hips move or something, and with the speed of the rotation, it looks like Caleb is doing a little dance... which he may very well be doing in your belly, in fact!

  2. Haha! I can't believe you noticed because it goes by so quickly! I had to take my own picture for week 31. Jon wasn't home, so I set up the tripod, and it was much lower than Jon is when he takes it. So the pic is from a different angle. I thought about just taking that pic out, because it's really no good for comparison, but just left it in. I figured no one would notice!!

  3. No, no, I like it. Adds a little flare to the rotation. :-)


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