Monday, September 29, 2008

Thirty-Two Weeks

This will be short and sweet because I'm hoping to put up a few posts today.

Caleb is approximately 3.75 pounds and 16.7 inches. I should be gaining about a half a pound a week now, as he continues to grow in preparation of his Big Debut!

My blood volume has increased by 40-50%! That factors in to my weight gain, as a matter of fact. Sitting on hard chairs is extremely uncomfortable; I took a blanket to sit on during Sunday School, which worked for about an hour, and then I needed to constantly readjust.

I think I'm getting a few more stretch marks. I know they're inevitable, and I also know I'll be expanding quite a bit more before it's all said and done, so I guess I better get used to it! I've made it this far with no stretch marks on my belly, though the skin is all mottled-looking, like it could become one big stretch mark overnight. I'm still holding out hope, though!

I had a second baby shower, put on by friends at church. It was a great shower, and I got lots of practical things from the girls who are moms now. Many of the gifts were not on my registry, but things they themselves found very helpful/useful, so that was neat. When I got home, I put it all away, and resorted what I already had. I've got a box of things that can be returned, and a small list of items I need to buy before Caleb comes. The returned items plus gift cards I've received should cover that list, and then everything else we'll get for Christmas gifts or just figure out we don't need! I've gone back through my registry and taken off some items to simplify things a little more.

I heard yesterday that Caleb should be turned into "birthin' position" head down by now, and pretty settled. I can't really tell. I feel like his back is along the left hemisphere of the uterus, with his feet kicking my right side. But whether he's head up or down, I don't know. That's one of my questions for the doctor this afternoon.

I feel like things are going pretty well as far as preparations go. Still, I also think I could quit working now and spend the entire time doing baby-related stuff: blogging, laundry, pictures, shopping, finding coupons, researching products...oh, and looking for a job for Jon! With all that on my mind plus preparing for maternity leave at work, I'm pretty scatterbrained, but "this too shall pass!"


  1. Don't stress out on the small stuff... You are doing an awesome job! And you have plenty of family and friends who would be willing to help if ever you needed it! :)

    Though I would like to remind you again to please, please, please post the newest pictures!!!!

  2. Yup, your doctor can tell you if he's settled head-down, and if not, she can tell you some exercises you can do to help him get there.

  3. Lydia, like little miss sunshine said, you have plenty of time and plenty of people eager to help you with the little things! But seriously Caleb! Get a move on! =)

  4. I like the way you're rubbing your hiney and shaking your head at us....hoochee mama!! :)

  5. Yes, I call this the "Can Can Get Pregnant" dance.

  6. Haha! I noticed the "hand on the hiney" action too, but didn't want to say anything! :) I wish I had done pictures like you have. It's really neat!


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