Monday, September 01, 2008

Twenty-Eight Weeks

Sorry this post is a little late. My parents have been here for Labor Day weekend, and WE HAVE A NURSERY NOW! So, yes, a little occupied this weekend! My mom will have pictures up, soon, I'm sure, and I'll try to take some as well. You'll get a more detailed account then. For now, I'll say I love the nursery, and Jon and I already enjoy sitting in there.

So, on to the Little Man: Caleb is two and a quarter pounds and almost 15 inches long. If you compare that with last week's update, he's gained more girth than height, I think. He's almost to the point where he's just "bulking up" for the Big Push.

I feel like my belly has grown quite a bit. For a couple of weeks, it didn't really grow much, but last week I had that tight feeling, like if I breathed in too much it would pop. And, it turns out, my belly pics reflect that! (You can see my belly pics up to week 28 in the sidebar now.) It's also possible to not only feel Caleb from the outside, but see him! Sometimes I think he's doing a little jig in there, based on the way my belly bounces around. They're small movements, but so fun to watch!

Other than that, I've been a little slower-moving lately. It takes longer to stand up, or get off the floor, or bend down to pick something up. I have to sit up very straight to accommodate the baby poking my lungs--no more slouching for me! Hopefully I'll keep that habit after Caleb's born. My feet swell slightly from being on them all day, and I tire out more easily, but I don't think it's kept me from doing too much; my mom and I still managed to shop all afternoon yesterday!

And that's about it for the update! Nursery pics will be coming!


  1. Its getting close! I did notice a bigger belly in the picture even before reading your post. :) I am glad you are enjoying the nursery and can't wait to see pictures!

  2. We had a great time this weekend! I'll post pics asap!!

    Love you and Caleb and Jon!!

  3. Um... yeah, your belly looks, uh, huge! Caleb is definitely a growing boy!


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